Canadian Baptists of Norfolk

Canadian Baptists of Norfolk

About Us

The CBON Board

The CBON Board meets at least four times a year to assist the association churches to fulfil our shared mission and vision. The Board is made up of voting members from each congregation in the association. Each member church may appoint both a layperson and their Pastor to be member of the board. Either the lay member or Pastor may vote on behalf of their church and shall be considered voting members. Other church members, adherents, and guests are welcome to attend the board meetings and participate in the discussions, but do not have a vote.

The Board is responsible for providing activities, worship, fellowship events and programs to assist and support member churches in accord with CBON’s statement of core values. The Board is also responsible for reporting back to the association churches and for representing its member churches to other levels of the denomination, other agencies and the general public when required.

CBON and Camp Oneida

Canadian Baptists of Norfolk is one of three associations that own, operate, and support Oneida Baptist Camp, just outside of Nanticoke, ON. CBON appoints four representatives to sit on Camp Oneida’s general committee, the committee that operates and oversees the camp. We are proud to support Camp Oneida and encourage everyone to visit their website to find out more about the camp.

Vision Statement
Every church participating

Each church growing
Other churches asking

Mission Statement
To support, equip and empower our member churches to
fulfil Christ's mandate; and to represent their common interests