Canadian Baptists of Norfolk

Our Core Values


At the heart of our faith is a shared belief in God as He has revealed himself in the Holy Bible and in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We wish to honour God in all that we do.


Because we believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God and is the authority for the church’s teaching we want to honour and abide by its teachings.


We understand the primary expression of the church to be a local congregation of individuals who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and have gathered together desiring to share worship, fellowship, mission and to undertake activities together in such a way that they truly accept Christ’s mandate to undertake the Great Commission he has given.

Family of Baptists


We recognize that God has a unique purpose for us to full fill together in reaching out to others whether they be individuals, congregations, other faith groupings, secular agencies or the public at large within the geographical area of our association.

Partnerships – Collaboration

We wish to foster relationships and partnerships with and among Christians both on an individual and corporate level in a way that encourages individual equality, personal responsibility, Christian grace and the spiritual growth of all with whom we come into contact. It is important to us to also promote and enhance the unity, solidarity and good reputation of our member churches as the Holy Spirit empowers and guides us.


We desire God to empower and bless our ministries and so we want to seek His guidance through prayer. Therefore we wish to make prayer a significant part of all that we do.